SCBNC, along with the other Bush Nursing Centres in Gippsland, received a wonderful cheque from Lauren Kew, the Assistant Regional Manager, Forest and Fire Planning.
A big thanks goes out to Lauren and everyone else in her team who put the books together and generously donated the profits to the Bush Nursing Centres. 

The Heartbreak to Hope books are still available for sale.

    A collection of stories, photos, poems and images from those impacted by East Gippsland Fires 2019/2020.

    Books are available for sale at our SCBNC and are priced at $75 each.

    100% of proceeds from book sales go to Bush Nursing Hospitals in East Gippsland.

    This book aims to provide communities with a chance to share their stories and debrief.  A chance that many community members have not necessarily had due to the Covid pandemic.  The hope is that the book will help community, emergency services and those involved in fire and drought to digest what has happened, and reflect on what was important then and what is important now.  The focus of the book being on fire and drought is because it was felt they went hand in hand leading up to and during 2019/20.

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