Regional facilities 24 April 2018

Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre in the state’s east has served its local community for 100 years and counting, and adding to the centenary celebrations the not-for-profit centre has received a $21,000 funding boost from the Victorian Government.

The funding, through the Government’s Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, will be used to buy a new vehicle for use by nurses, as well as replacing worn vinyl flooring in the treatment room and nurses bathroom.

A new, reliable vehicle is essential to make sure the centre’s broad range of services remain accessible to the community. It will ensure the centre’s high quality services can be efficiently delivered, when and where they’re most needed.

Swifts Creek centre delivers a broad range of community health services to the wider region, including centre and home nursing care, first response emergency care, community education, palliative care, counselling, immunisation, as well as visiting services such as maternal and child health, general practitioner, physiotherapist and a chiropractor.

In the 2017-18 financial year the State Budget delivered $1.67 billion to support hospitals in meeting demand and providing the high quality care all Victorian patients deserve, including $428.5 million in new hospital upgrades.