Bairnsdale Advertiser, 18 August 2022

Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre (SCBNC) has come up with an innovative idea to keep ageing residents in the area as long as possible.
The initiative was discussed at a recent community meeting, attended by 34 residents, who unanimously voted for the project.
The Centre, under the leadership of bush nurse manager, Sue Carroll, has come up with an ambitious plan to purchase a property on the edge of the township to build supported living accommodation for people as they age. 
In recent years, the SCBNC has identified there is no transitional accommodation in the Ensay, Swifts Creek and Omeo region.
“There is a 14-bed nursing home at Omeo, however, the type of accommodation lacking in our area is fit for purpose units for elderly residents,” Ms Carroll told the Advertiser.
Ms Carroll said many elderly people living in Swifts Creek had been forced to sell their farms, or large properties, when they were no longer able to manage by themselves and move to a larger town.
“Many of these people regret leaving the area, as they lose their friendships, community connections and find it difficult to access health services, as regional centres do not have bush nurses.

IMAGE: Swifts Creek Bush Nurse Manager, Sue Carroll, is hoping to secure five acres of land on the outskirts of town for independent living accommodation K297 – 7626