Sue has been a mainstay at the Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre since the 1990s when she started as a relieving nurse. Sue manages the service with true professionalism and a passion for ensuring high quality care for our community and beyond. Her warm nature, approachability, ability to listen, expertise, confidentiality and care are acknowledged across the community. Sue performs a varied and diverse role and displays the flexibility that is essential. She demonstrates a strong ability to make critical decisions vital to best outcomes for community members in need, across a range of situations.

Sue acts as an advocate for Bush Nursing centres and health services in our community. She has helped accessed essential grant funds for a number of projects to extend services to our community.

Sue has continued providing essential healthcare services including Women’s Health Service as a Cervical Screening Provider, Palliative care and Perinatal care (including antenatal and postnatal care). She is an accredited immunisation provider – ensuring childhood immunisations are up to date and providing Flu vaccinations to the community.

Sue was a finalist in the HESTA awards the 2022.

Professional Development 2021/2022

  1. RAN Certificate of Competency
  2. Falls in Healthcare
  3. GPHN Immunization update
  4. Module 4 Pfizer Paediatric Covid-19 vaccine
  5. Nurse Cervical Screening Provider
  6. Open Disclosure and Management of Adverse Events
  7. MARAM – Sensitive practice module